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Press Release

The 5-in-1 application that facilitates the work of creative professions and small businesses.

Have you ever heard of a mobile app that allows project management, creation of customer files, cash flow monitoring, smart scheduling and a showroom for your products? Probably not. Now discover African Puzzle WORKS which facilitates the work of creative professionals of the Informal Economy.

Bams and Renée Clément, entrepreneurs and founders of the company African Puzzle, started with a simple observation: entrepreneurs of the Informal Economy (craftsmen, dressmakers, freelancers, creatives, etc.) loose too much time managing their work. They have to juggle different projects, clients, paying bills, scheduling appointments, cancellations, postponements, and constant changing project details – all while trying to promote their business. This inevitably leaves them without time to focus on their core business and increasing their revenue.

The two founders saw the opportunity to create a complete and intuitive digital tool to empower these entrepreneurs in their daily work. An app that would help entrepreneurs satisfy the needs of customers, optimize time, and earn more money: African Puzzle WORKS!

How to get out of it? Better know and satisfy your customers? Optimize your time to earn more money? By using African Puzzle WORKS!

African Puzzle WORKS is an all-in-one personal assistant. A mobile dashboard that simplifies the creation of project and client details with recorded vocal notes, photos, or written notes. Designed for professionals who are growing their business, African Puzzle WORKS is a practical tool that saves all the useful information entrepreneurs need on a daily basis.

Managing Projects

The PROJECTS feature allows entrepreneurs to quickly create and organize all important details of a project in one place. For example, for a fashion designer wants to produce an outfit for a customer, African Puzzle WORKS is the ideal project management tool. Using audio, photos, or text notes, they will be able to create a project container and save their initial inspiration, the materials used, the measurements of each model, and the preferences of the customer (colors, patterns). At each step, they can validate the project details and avoid costly errors or delays.

Managing Clients

The CLIENTS feature allows entrepreneurs to associate useful information to each of their customers. For example, a contractor can note and remember the tastes and needs of each customer and therefore always respond best to their future orders. A «cash flow» section shows the financial history, deposits and payments received from customers.

Managing an Agenda

The APPOINTMENTS feature gives enterepreneurs a way to organize their schedule and ensure deliveries are on time and promises met. Appointments can have notifications set to remind them well in advance of each appointment.

Managing a Showroom

With the ALBUM feature, African Puzzle WORKS highlights the accomplishments of the entreprenuer. A user can assemble photo albums of their creations accessible in their personal space in the app. They can then share photos if they wish, and allow their customers to «like» certain photos. Those «liked» photos become a detail of the customer’s profile.

African Puzzle WORKS is developed with Africa in mind.

  • Because some entrepreneurs live in remote regions, far from trade routes, or speak only a locally known language, talented entrepreneurs and craftsmen may avoid expanding their reach and customer market. The ambition of African Puzzle WORKS is to give that entrepreneur more visibility by:
    • connecting them to the whole world, since the application is available in 70 countries
    • offering a translation in several African languages, such asWolof, Lingala, Swahili, Douala, Kinyarwanda or Yoruba for example.

To achieve this, African Puzzle aims to raise just over $10 million, in order to develop the mobile application in most of the major languages of the African continent.


African Puzzle WORKS is a mobile app that organizes the work of entrepreneurs in the Informal Economy. African Puzzle WORKS offers several advantages:

  • 5-in-1 Feature Set (project management, customer management, cash flow management, smart calendar, and showroom)
• Easy to use
• Knowing customers better to ensure their satisfaction
• Time and money savings
• Information and details are saved and easily recalled
• Available in more than 70 countries and soon in several African languages

African Puzzle wants to raise more than 10 million dollars to develop the mobile application in most major languages of the African continent.

N.B: Until its launch in February, the application is currently available for download on Google PlayStore only reachable in bêta version.

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