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The audio and photo application to organize your work without having to read or to write.

Have you ever heard of a mobile app that allows project management, creation of customer files, cash fl ow monitoring, smart scheduling and a showroom for your products? You feel excluded from digital? Discover African Puzzle WORKS the digital secretary of entrepreneurs who remember everything and make their customers happy!

Bams and Renée Clément, founders of the Startup African Puzzle, start from a field study that highlights the discomfort of many small entrepreneurs with the existing productivity tools, austere, adapted to digital natives, profiles as collaborators, company executives. They require a certain amount of time to understand and when we think about Africa in particular, where nearly 40% of the population is illiterate and where the informal sector plays a predominant role in the economy, the need to address these customers with appropriate digital solutions is paramount! This mobile application was also awarded, on Monday 19 December 2022 in Dakar, with the 1st Blue Ocean Awards, dedicated to innovative entrepreneurship.

How to get out of it? Better know and satisfy your customers? Optimize your time to earn more money? By using African Puzzle WORKS!

African Puzzle WORKS is an all-in-one personal assistant. A mobile dashboard that simplifies the
creation a n d o r g a n i z a t i o n of project and client details with recorded vocal notes, photos.
Practical, it saves all the useful data for entrepreneurs to carry out their daily activities. It's the mobile app for professionals to remember everything without reading or writing!

Managing Projects

Thanks to the "Program" function, every entrepreneur can quickly create a project plan for each customer. If, for example, a fashion designer wants to design clothes for a customer,
African Puzzle WORKS is the perfect management tool. It provides all the information of the order in the Client program: photos of the customer's reference models, materials used, measurements, the price and deposit, the delivery date associated with alerts so that he can honor all those appointments. All main functionalities are voice and photo based, no need to
read or write to be perfectly organized!.

Managing Clients

The customer sheet contains all the useful information of the client and are easily modifiable. Thus,
the businessman remembers in one click the requirements and needs of each customer and will be able to better respond to his future orders.

Managing an Agenda

The APPOINTMENTS feature gives entrepreneurs a way to organize their schedule and ensure deliveries are on time and promises met. Appointments can have notifications set to remind them well in advance of each appointment.

Managing a Showroom

With the ALBUM feature, African Puzzle WORKS highlights the accomplishments of the entrepreneur. A user can gather photo albums of its creations and inspirations. Everything is in his
pocket and in a click , he can present his work in a professional way and can get the client to like it.

African Puzzle WORKS is developed with Africa in mind.

Because some entrepreneurs live in remote regions, far from trade routes, or speak only a
locally known language, talented entrepreneurs and craft smen may avoid expanding their reach and customer market. The ambition of African Puzzle WORKS is to give that entrepreneur more visibility by:
• connecting them to the whole world, since the application is available in 70 countries.
• offering a tool that can be used vocally, each in their own language.

To achieve this first step, African Puzzle aims to raise more than 1.7 million dollars.


African Puzzle WORKS is a mobile app that organizes the work of entrepreneurs in the Informal
Economy. African Puzzle WORKS off ers several advantages:
• 5-in-1 Feature Set (project management, customer management, cash flow management;              smart calendar, and showroom)
• Easy to use
• Time and money savings
• Accessible offline
• Data centralization
• Available in more than 70 countries

African Puzzle wants to raise more than 1.7 million dollars to develop much more easy to use
functionalities and cover more than 30 African countries.

N.B : Until its launch in 2023 Quarter 1, the application is currently available for download on
Google Play Store only reachable in bêta version.

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